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Affordability and College Attainment in Wisconsin Public Higher Education
A Research, Policy, and Practice Conference
Hosted by:
Wisconsin Scholars Longitudinal Study, Sara Goldrick-Rab and Douglas N. Harris, Co-Directors
Wisconsin Center for Education Research
Sponsored by UW System Administration, Wisconsin Technical College System, WISCAPE, and Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation

July 7-8, 2011
159 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Conference Summary (pdf)

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Conference Videos and Powerpoints

July 7, 2011: Affordability and College Attainment in Wisconsin Public Higher Education
Video Powerpoints: Goldrick-Rab, Smeeding, Haveman, Kelchen, Witte

July 8, 2011: Affordability and College Attainment in Wisconsin Public Higher Education
Video Part 1 Powerpoints: Goldrick-Rab, Harris, Benson
Video Part 2 Powerpoints: Broton, Figueiredo-Brown, Adserias
Video Part 3 Powerpoints: Richard Kahlenberg
Video Part 4

Additonal Conference PowerPoints
Kelchen, Luedke, Minikel-Lacocque, Renteria, Kinsley, Byrd


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Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker is RICHARD KAHLENBERG, senior fellow at The Century Foundation.  Kahlenberg is an authority on inequality in higher education and has authored or edited numerous books including Affirmative Action for the Rich: Legacy Preferences in College Admissions (2010); Rewarding Strivers: Helping Low-Income Students Succeed in College (2010); The Remedy: Class, Race, and Affirmative Action (Basic Books, 1996); America’s Untapped Resource: Low-Income Students in Higher Education (2004); and A Notion at Risk: Preserving Public Education as an Engine for Social Mobility (2000).  

Kahlenberg's articles have been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, and elsewhere. He has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, C-SPAN, MSNBC, and NPR. Previously, Kahlenberg was a Fellow at the Center for National Policy, a visiting associate professor of constitutional law at George Washington University, and a legislative assistant to Senator Charles S. Robb (D-VA). He is also a nonresident senior fellow at Education Sector. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College in 1985 and cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1989. Between college and law school, he spent a year at the University of Nairobi School of Journalism as a Rotary Scholar. He lives with his wife, Rebecca, and four daughters outside Washington, D.C.

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